Buy Local

Buy local – support your local businesses

“The ‘buy local’ message has always been high on our agenda. Research shows that 65% of every pound spent in a local shop remains in the local economy. That means if everyone in the town made the decision to spend just £10 each week locally rather than onlineor with a national supplier we would lock £20 million into the town. Expand that across Rother and the figure doubles.”We were also really keen to make sure the message is ‘buy’ rather than just ‘shop’. This isn’t just about going out for groceries or clothes as an individual – it’s about business purchasing decisions too.
“What we want to encourage is businesses supporting other businesses by finding local suppliers and contractors.”The council have given us the green light to make use of poster sites along the seafront and we’re just starting an online campaign to get everyone sharing a short video we’ve put together. We’ll also be looking for other opportunities to spread the word over the coming weeks.
“So whenever anyone is next about to hit ‘buy’ after a bit of online browsing we’d love them to take a couple of extra minutes to search on Google maps or put out a question on social media for a more local option.”

John Bownas – manager, Love Hastings Ltd.