Latest news from Hastings Pride Hello lovely people!…

Latest news from Hastings Pride Hello lovely people!…

Latest update from Hastings Pride/strong>
2022-10-08 10:00:13

✨Hello lovely people!✨

We recently posted thanks to the National Lottery for our community award, and realise this may have been misleading as it suggested the award was made in order to fund next year’s event. To be clear, this award was a historical award that covered a portion of Pride 2022.

The lottery asked all recipients of these awards in the last 12 months to share their thanks. We are extremely grateful to the lottery awards for their ongoing support of Hastings Pride. Their contribution was part of what helped us go ahead, as well as sponsorship and individual donations.

Many people asked if it meant we would be back on The Oval in 2023. We certainly hope to be and will need considerably greater funding in order to host pride there with the infrastructure and size we now require.

So to answer that- only with your help! Please watch this space as to how you can help ensure we are back there next year, fully funded and better than ever! 🏳️‍🌈
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