Latest news from Licence 2 Kale Good morning y’all!!…

Latest news from Licence 2 Kale Good morning y’all!!…

Latest update from Licence 2 Kale/strong>
2022-11-14 08:29:55

Good morning y’all!!

We’ve been promising a new announcement for today (we chose today as it’s Raquel’s birthday!!) so here it is!!!

The past year has been the biggest challenge we’ve ever had. Starting a new business after a pandemic and at the beginning of a war that affected us all was probably the craziest thing I’ve ever done, but it’s been worth every moment because of you lot!!

Having the pleasure to work with the most amazing women @smallbatchbabka @plant__theseed @cumbia_kitchen @thebathinghutcafe @kaiveganuk @t_h_e_b_i_r_d_h_o_u_s_e @raffandridge @bluemoonhastings @thegoodgrubltd , and the enormous privilege to support missions like that of @therefugeebuddyprojec, @hsrefugees @joyful.roots … WHAT AN HONOUR!!

It’s been crazy, but it’s been also filled with love and challenges.

L2K has been my dream for a while. A dream of getting people eating healthy food and caring for their healths, and now, that dream is expanding!!

Last week on Wednesday we told you all about our exciting news for St Leonards, today we bring you more exciting news!!


We don’t have a date for opening yet (there’s lots of work to do) but we know it’s in the new year!!

Ekkk I think I just made my life a tad bit harder!!! (We love a good challenge!)

Thank you all for your support. You matter so Damn much!!!!!

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