Latest news from Licence 2 Kale Hello y’all!!!…

Latest news from Licence 2 Kale Hello y’all!!!…

Latest update from Licence 2 Kale/strong>
2023-05-30 12:10:04

Hello y’all!!!

So it’s the end of the month and we changed things around a little bit…
Rather than doing drink of the week, we thought we would let you know what your ordering has been like in the month of May!

As a small business owner it’s hard to get the validation we need to see ya through the difficulties of running a business, I get about 20 messages a month of people telling me how to run my business, or people thinking that because they don’t see me in Hastings as often anymore that im not working hard enough… it’s hard EVERY DAY!!! Very little “well done(s)” but loads of unsolicited advise and negative comments…

So at the end of the month, I get to see what my clients been up to, what products they like the most and where, and this is truly one of my favourite parts of running a business!!

So, in St Leonard’s you guys seem to be enjoying your Bowls!! We sold a whooping 58 “Life of Açaí” bowls in May!!!

Hastings on the other hand seems to be indulging in our cold and delicious alternative to a latte or flat white, and our “Polar Espresso” seems to be hitting all the right spots, because you’ve order it 78 times this month!!!

Finally in Rye, and let’s face we knew this would happen (right Hastings and St Leonard’s??), you’ve discovered the joys of a green juice in the morning and been drinking our FIST FULL OF FRUIT like water!!
Rye has ordered a total of 98 Large FISTS this month!!

And there you go!
Im curious to hear your thoughts on why St Leonard’s peeps seem to be enjoying #açaí bowls so much?? 😝

(Also, we have a client in St Leonard’s that single handed has ordered the most amount of “The Big Cacaoski” in St Leonard’s and Hastings this month (but I won’t accuse @oh_joanna and @shouldanona)…


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