Latest news from Stooge Coffee Extra special Xmas beans!…

Latest news from Stooge Coffee Extra special Xmas beans!…

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2023-12-22 13:26:29

✨ Extra special Xmas beans! ✨

Both roasted for filter brewing, to best enjoy their unique fruity, boozy and aromatic flavours. We’d recommend buying wholebean and grinding just before you drink for the best experience.


From our roasters, @pharmacie_coffee_roasters :

PRODUCER: Ghaleb Alhamasi for Mochahunters PROCESS: Natural REGION: East Haraz, Yemen
VARIETAL: Ja’adi Peaberry ALTITUDE: 1800-2200 MASL

Tasting Notes: Complex notes of cotton candy, rum & raisin with a rich and sweet caramel body.

We are proud to partner again with Mohammed of Mocha Hunters for this year’s Brighton Coffee Festival.⁠
We’ve worked with Mohammed for some years now and value the friendship we have formed, collaborating to bring you some sensational and unique flavours from Yemen, starting with this mouthwatering Peaberry.⁠

Haraz is located to the west of the capital city of Sana’a in the northwest highlands of Yemen. The flavour profile for the region is typically one with a full body, with overtones of dried fruits like raisins, a fruity acidity, and a smooth chocolate finish.⁠
This coffee comes from Mocha Hunters, a small company set up by three friends from Yemen whose aim is to enable totally traceable lots, whilst bringing Yemeni coffee to a wider global audience


PRODUCER:Β Luis Anibal Calderon
PROCESS:Β Β Anaerobic Natural
REGION: Acevedo, Villa /Β Betulia, HuilaΒ 

Tasting Notes:Β Black cherry & wine with sweet raisins, marzipan & dark chocolate body.

A superb Gesha coffee from Colombia from Luis Anibal Calderon. This super premium coffee comes in a limited number of 150g bags so treasure the experience once brewed.

This coffee was carefully hand-picked in order to use only the ripest cherries, exposed to an aerobic environment for 24 hr, and then placed in grainpro bags for 200 hours fermentation, later sun-dried on raised beds until ideal moisture content was achieved.