Queens Road Hastings

BID funding helps bring a new splash of colour to the town

The annual arts festival Coastal Currents is back again this year, and we worked with the organisers to allow local artists the chance to create some amazing mural works that will leave a lasting legacy in and around the town centre. 

Visitors to Queen’s Road will have undoubtedly spotted the lovely portrait that has gone up on the side of Lovage in Elford Street. The piece was designed and created by Drew Copus -who also painted the lobster design you can find on phone junction boxes outside NatWest.

Elsewhere, in Trinity Street, another of the junction boxes has been transformed with a brilliant example of folk art by local design team, Zeroh.

We also worked with the Stella Dore gallery to allow a visiting Mexican street artist to capture the spirit of Hastings by translating words that members of the public suggested as epitomising the town into a huge new mural in Priory Square.