Floral displays

Below are some examples of the projects we have completed or are working on at the moment. If you’d like to find out more about what we do, we’d love to hear from you.

Hanging baskets

We have installed hanging baskets and planters across the BID area, including Queens Road, Robertson Street, Wellington Place and Priory Meadow’s Queens Square.

Christmas lights

With the exception of the large Christmas tree, we are proud to fund and manage the town centre’s Christmas lights programme. We are always looking at ways to expand and improve the programme, and this is part of our longer term goals for the town centre.

Safer Streets

Barwatch and Shopwatch are both managed by the BID, and is available at a subsidised rate for all BID levy payers. There are some valuable benefits to becoming a member, including having access to the radio network and to the DISC database of intelligence about known shoplifters. If you’d like to find out more, please contact the team by emailing

Our new Ambassador is also patrolling the streets on a daily basis, taking reports and working closely with key agencies to help reduce the level of anti-social behaviour.

Cleaner Streets

Another key role of our Ambassador is patrolling and identifying issues such as broken paving, fly-tipping, graffiti and anything else that makes our town centre look unkempt. If you feel an issue needs our attention, please contact the Ambassador and he will report it or resolve the problem.

Event Funding

We are proud to support many local community events, such as Pirate Day and Hastings Pride. In 2018 we paid for the RAF100 airspace for the Red Arrows, a truly spectacular sight and an event that boosted the town centre footfall and dwell time considerably. The Board of Directors and team will make decisions on which events to support, based on expected footfall, dwell time and spend, to ensure the BID levy payers benefit.