Latest news from Licence 2 Kale NOOTROPICS!!!!…

Latest news from Licence 2 Kale NOOTROPICS!!!!…

Latest update from Licence 2 Kale/strong>
2023-10-17 07:17:22


We love our mushrooms and want to bring you more and more alternatives to coffee to support you with your morning #focus!

This, tastes just like an iced tea, drink will help with:

🥬 keeping you focused and productive

🥬 Reduce stress and anxiety

🥬 Packed with healthy antioxidants

🥬 Will not make you jitter or crash!!

Caffeine and L-theanine, the natural compounds found in Brite form a unique synergy that offers a perfect balance of energy and relaxation. Caffeine, a potent and well-studied stimulant, boosts alertness and concentration, effectively warding off fatigue and promoting a sense of wakefulness. Meanwhile, L-theanine, an amino acid, possesses remarkable calming properties, promoting relaxation and alleviating anxiety.
The magic truly happens when these two elements are consumed together, creating a harmonious synergy in the body. The energising effects of caffeine are harmoniously balanced by the soothing qualities of L-theanine. The result is a state of heightened mental clarity, improved focus, and a calm sense of purpose, all without the usual jitters or anxiety often experienced when consuming caffeine alone.

Available in Rye and Hastings.