Second term ballot proposals

Second term ballot proposals

Pictured: Peter Rolfe, Business Ambassador and John Bownas, BID Manager (click links for what we do)

During March, local businesses get the chance to vote on proposals for a second term of the Business Improvement District – ‘Love Hastings’.

Love Hastings is promising:

  • Levy bills reduced by 16% to 50% (depending on rateable values)
  • An ongoing commitment to supporting key local events (Pirate Day, Pride, Fat Tuesday, Coastal Currents, Bike 1066, Five Mile Race, Bonfire, Beatles Day)
  • Improved public safety and support for shops and bars through ShopWatch and BarWatch (including more CCTV and better radio coverage between premises with a new 4G/WiFi based system)
  • Even better planting schemes and Christmas lights (the trees this year were a great success)
  • Support for local businesses when it is needed (we hope to be out of COVID before too long, but in the meantime we continue to lobby for more financial support from government)
  • A wider marketing campaign fo the town as a whole and more coverage for Hastings in the regional media (we are the go-to voice of local businesses on BBC TV and Radio and Meridian TV)
  • Ongoing pressure on the county and borough councils to try and improve the state of the public realm (we are passionate about pot-holes and we get angry at graffiti)
  • More intense work to support rough sleepers and street drinkers to get them out of the town centre (we are proposing a positive giving campaign and secure lockers for people to store possessions)
  • More public art and architectural lighting for the town (we love to brighten up your day – and your night)
  • Continuing the day-to-day management of the town centre (keeping buskers from driving you bonkers and stopping annoying direct-debit promotions by banks and utility firms)

Our second-term business plan

These pledges are set out in more detail in our business plan covering 2022-2027. This following documet was a consultation paper which was finalised in February based on feedback from members.

The final document can be found HERE

To take part in the consultation we have various options.

It’s important you read the business plan proposal first.

You can complete a survey, book a meeting with the BID manager, or RSVP to come along to one of three director meetings.

Use these buttons to chose your preference.